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Well, March - a remarkable month for rainfall! Despite being almost rain free for the last 13 days of the month, we had 187.6mm ( 7.35) of rain.

In my own records going back some 16 years (https://www.buxtonweather.co.uk/rainsunchartwebsite.htm ) this is far and away the highest March total my  previous highest was March 2006 with 165mm.

Looking back through the Met Office Slopes Weather Station records which go back 150 years, into the 1870s, I can only see three previous March rainfall totals which pass this they are 190mm in 1896, 199mm in 1951 and 235mm in March 1981!  At least the reservoirs are full to overflowing, as you may have see from recent photos on this site!

It seems that remarkable rainfall is not limited to us far from it the Southern Hemisphere has been experiencing some extreme weather - you will have seen the effect of Cyclone Idai across Southern Africa.  In fact the Southern Oceans have already experienced seven Cyclones this year, compared to an average of three.  It does seem likely that rising ocean water temperature is generating these storms.

Last week Southern Australia was hit by two cyclones at the same time!

Even the place we all regard as such a beautiful country, with a climate more benign, but not dissimilar to ours in the UK, has had dramatic rainfall recently.


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