*** *** You may remember the media - and social media storm, I reported on this site - when the Highland Cattle were removed from the moors above Baslow/Curbar - a walker complained about being intimidated - and the cattle - which had been on that moor for so many years, were removed under advice from Health and Safety.  Well, even though the adult cattle have been dispersed, the calves are now back on the moor - of course one reason they are there is that their grazing is actually good for the moorland environment.  Have to say, that we have walked with our dogs through these cattle dozens of times over 20 years and they take not the slightest interest!.  I have led charity walks of 40+ people right through the cattle - usually saying beforehand "Highland cattle LOOK ferocious - but they are gentle beasts" ( I would always be more cautious through the Friesian, black and white cows, often seen in our fields!) SO thank you to Carol and David at "Peaked Interest" Photographers and to Nick Hammock for these wonderful photographs


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